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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a professional, self-employed contractor with specialized office, technical or creative skills that can help your business grow. These professionals typically work remotely, some from a home office, which allows them to better focus their time on tasks for their clients. Virtual Assistants help their clients fix problems, plan strategies and perform repetitive tasks that may require special skills all while saving you both time and money.

A Virtual Assistant can save your company money, time and can be very resourceful which can benefit your business greatly.

  • SAVES YOUR COMPANY MONEY   think of the cost when you hire a new employee. You have to pay for wages, taxes, benefits, equipment, and training when you hire an employee for your business. If you hire a VA, they already have/own their equipment, do not need office space, is already an expert in their field, and is always improving their skill set. Also,  you never pay overtime on the work being done, and you will only be charged for the tasks accomplished by the VA. Many Virtual Assistants who work hourly only charge for the time worked to complete your tasks.
  • SAVES YOU TIME – A Virtual Assistant works to meet your schedule, including work outside of your typical business hours. And because a VA works remotely, you can find a VA in almost every time zone, providing services in the specific area that best fits your company. Virtual Assistants take time-consuming tasks off your to-do list, allowing you time to focus on the items most important to growing your business.
  • RESOURCEFULNESS –   A Virtual Assistant is your go to person for information. They don’t’ have to know everything about your business, but they should have systems in place that allow them to easily find out. They also provide you with a VIP onboarding experience and ask for all the information needed to complete the tasks they have been hired to do. They document everything and have thorough standard operating procedures (SOPs) so they don’t have to ask for the same information repeatedly.
  • RELIABLE – A reliable Virtual Assistant knows that communication is the key to any successful relationship. They communicate at least weekly so that you know what they’re working on, what they’ve completed, or when they’re going to be unavailable. They respond to requests and emails in a timely manner. A Virtual Assistant understands that they must be true to their word. If they say they will have a task complete by Thursday, then it must be done by Thursday, not Friday. If a delay is unavoidable, they will make you aware as early as possible. Some VAs like to add an extra day to a deadline so they can allow for things that may pop up unexpectedly.


A Virtual Assistant’s work is a reflection of their company.  Because their company is their livelihood, they are invested in making sure you have great customer experience and receive an expert level of work in the tasks they provide. The biggest compliment is having you share what an asset their services are with others who may consider working with them as well.

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