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Why I do What I do

About Lisa

Hello, I’m Lisa Detoffol, owner of Tiger Eye Solution. I am a Certified Virtual Expert for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, who want to expedite their business growth. If the term Virtual Expert is new to you, I am a skilled independent professional, who works remotely to provide support to busy business owners. I built my dream business by helping others build their dream business.

Prior to starting my Virtual Expert business, I was a preschool teacher for over 25 years. During that time, I had many responsibilities, from keeping the students on tasks, to keeping the classroom in order. I also experienced the importance of building relationships and connections needed to grow in life and in business. From managing a classroom , to managing other professionals, requires the ability to create calm from chaos.

In 2018 I left the education world. I wanted to work independently, and be my own boss, so it was logical to open my own business as a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Expert?

I’m a Virtual Expert, or in other words, a problem solver.
I understand your time is valuable and you are doing what you love to do, creating a
successful business. I also understand that oftentimes you need an assistant, or
sometimes a team.
A Virtual Expert is a virtually based professional who works remotely to assist
entrepreneurs with day-to-day operations, and/or projects. I make sure your business
runs smoothly and productively as possible by:

  • Time, Email, and Calendar Management – to keep all activities on schedule
  • Build/Maintain Websites
  • Create Branding Graphic Designs
  •  Build Long-Lasting Relationships with your prospects/clients on a regular basis
  • Create Content/Blogs
  • Internet Research – Facts to support your Articles
  •  And More

Who do I work with?

I am a part of a large network of highly-skilled professionals called Virtual Experts. Each professional with different areas of expertise, depending upon what you need.
I can bring together the skills and experience that will help you with the tasks that you need taken off your to-do list, so you can do what you do best, grow your business.

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