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Save Time with These Filing Tips

I’ve had clients who keep everything in one big bin in their “My Documents” folder, with no categorization or subfolders in sight. This approach can quickly lead to a cluttered, overwhelming digital mess that’s nearly impossible to navigate. If you’re struggling with your own digital files, take heart – there are some simple steps you can take to get things in order and start saving time and frustration.

So, here are 3 Tips to save time and frustration:

1. Think in terms of categories. When setting up a new file structure, think about the different buckets you’ll need to store your information. Then make a separate folder for each. In my case, for example, my main categories are:

  • Clients – all client-related files are found here
  • Business – this is where I store the information used to run my business
  • Personal – everything else – photos, family documents, etc.

Categorizing is more efficient than organizing filing by date (as you might with paper files). This way, you’ll never have to remember “when,” just the more obvious “what.”

2. Make use of sub-folders. Within each primary folder, I create sub-folders – again grouped by category. So, for example, within my “Clients” folder, I have additional sub-folders by client name. Inside each of those, I have more sub-folders (e.g., newsletter drafts, logos, projects).

3. Choose meaningful file names. To make finding documents as easy as possible, make sure to give a meaningful name to each one. Not only does this allow you to find what you need quickly (without having to keep opening documents and looking to see what’s in there), but it also makes searching your folders quicker!

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) reports that, on average, we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. That’s over 8,700 hours of looking for lost or misplaced things! I can’t help you with those lost keys, but if you follow these simple digital filing concepts, you can definitely bring that number down!!