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How Your Unique Personality Can Skyrocket Your Email Open Rate

Being the real you in your marketing gives you a powerful marketing advantage over your competitors. Try as they may, they will never be you. You are unique and perfect the way you are. You will never be them either. Could you imagine just how boring the world would be if we were all the same?

So why not just be yourself when you communicate with your subscribers?

Not everyone on your email list will “click” with you. They either will or will not relate to you and feel comfortable with the relationship. That’s fine. It actually makes getting your emails opened a lot easier if you take advantage of that fact. You will never please everyone, so don’t try to.

As you communicate with your list, some will identify with you, and some will not. This means you will get unsubscribes. But over time you will also develop a very strong relationship with those people that stay on your list, as long as you simply act as the truly unique individual you are.

When you quit trying to be someone else, your true nature comes forth. There is a feeling of honesty that comes across when someone simply relaxes and embraces who they are.

That is what you need to do with your list.

Adopt your unique personality when communicating with your subscribers, and not only will your open rates increase, but your sales will as well.

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