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You need trust and confidence when working with a virtual assistant, trust and confidence in Tiger Eye Solution are evidenced in the testimonials her top-notch clients and colleagues have given her. Here is what they have to say:

“Great Experience! Lisa was very professional and helpful. She took the time to listen to what I wanted. She made my vision come to life.”
“Lisa DeToffol of Tiger Eye Solution will be your Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire! From email management to video editing and everything in between a business needs done…give Lisa’s company a call to get it completed!"
“Lisa has created a business that truly has a solution to most problems that you may face as a business owner. I am constantly impressed with Lisa’s accomplishments. Including being a bestselling author. She cares about giving her clients QUALITY service!”
“Lisa is remarkable! She is one of the most organized women I know. She supports so many businesses and hosts informative events. She is kind and helpful. I marvel at her consistency and how she walks her talk. Meet Lisa! She is a gem. I’m thankful for her. I highly recommend Lisa.”
“Lisa is very interested in what you do. She finds a way to connect and relate then forms a plan that fits you and your needs and your clients needs. She even helped me learn to do things on my own that I didn’t think I could do. My business has grown faster in the last year than in the 15 years previous. Thanks, Lisa!”
"Lisa was prompt with the delivery of the product as well as following through with the agreement of services."
James Fuller
James Fuller, Owner of Discovery History and Heritage
Author of "The Wyoming Blizzard of 1949"
"Lisa was prompt with the delivery of the product as well as following through with the agreement of services."
“Lisa is so personable and easy to communicate with. She has great insight on how to make my written work even better.”
“If you’re looking for someone to do follow-up calls or emails, look no further than Lisa DeToffol. I will tell you that it is very difficult to find someone who is willing AND good at this function. I am so happy to have found Lisa. I highly recommend Lisa’s services.”
“I am so happy to have found Lisa’s services. She has been extremely helpful and I appreciate her professionalism and enthusiasm.”
“Lisa is always there with help and encouragement. She is not afraid to try something new and is always willing to learn. Lisa has great business ethics and will always do the right thing for your business. I highly recommend Lisa for help with all your follow-up needs and more.”
“Lisa is hands down, the truth! At first I did not have a clue as to how she could help my business but from the first week she started, I started seeing results. Prospects started reaching out wanting to re-connect. They are actively reading my newsletters and now I am even getting a speaking engagement at FIT! When I tell you that following up woks, it does. Lisa showed me that! I still cannot believe it. I even have had an old prospect become a client after a year! Lisa is the truth. Trust me, I did not want to believe her and now I believe. If you have a business, you need Lisa!”
“I highly recommend Lisa. She is very productive and has saved me so much time, leaving my schedule open to focus on the qualified and ready to -buy leads coming my way. If you need to contact prospects or follow-up with them on a large scale, Lisa is invaluable.”
“I have been working with Lisa for a few months now and she is very professional and skilled at her work. She is helping me with virtual assistant applications for my business. I highly recommend Lisa and her team.”
“Lisa is dedicated to implementing solutions to take her clients from overwhelmed to in control.”
“Meet my friend, Lisa, at Tiger Eye Solution! I can highly recommend her and her company because she’s great at connecting and nurturing relationships for her clients. She’s dedicated and will be a great asset to help grow your speaking and coaching business!”
“Lisa has a great demeanor and a high level of professionalism. Her willingness to go the extra mile with her clients to ensure they are happy and satisfied are top-notch. I would recommend her services to anyone.”
“As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, I realized the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant to support me in managing my new CRM. Tiger Eye Solution was fabulous for this! I needed help to merge my different mailing lists and launch an automated email sequence to grow my online community. Roberta and Lisa both worked with me to ensure that my newsletter reflected my personality through the images and color scheme we used in the article. They also gave me amazing tech support to ensure that my free recipe was accurately linked to the article and went the extra mile to be sure I was pleased with the results. I really appreciated their generosity and valuable support to help me launch my email marketing effectively. I highly recommend Tiger Eye Solution for all your virtual assistant and bookkeeping needs to grow your online business!”
“Lisa has passion for helping others. Her Virtual Assistance program can help you 10X your business and relationship building with your customers! Love her entrepreneurial spirit too.”
"Lisa does an amazing job! She has a heart of gold! She is really good at what she does!"
Ravit Lonstein
RL Financial Guru
"Lisa is an excellent business leader. I've seen her grow her virtual assistance business and networking group from the ground up. She is consistent and personable. "
Cheryl Lewis-Thurab
CLT Coaching & Consulting
"Lisa is 'Johnny on the spot' with her solutions, ideas, and ability to take To-Do's off your list."
Picture of Bob Arnett
Bob Arnett
Bob the Solar Guy

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