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Tiger Eye Team

Every team member of Tiger Eye Solution is the owner of their own Virtual Assistant business. Each is fully trained in their area(s) of expertise that they specialize in.

We are each a powerhouse in our own specialty and it is encouraging that we all are a different type of powerhouse. That way, we can all work, help, and grow our own businesses while helping other professionals do the same.

It is true that we can all become successful on our own, but we can become successful faster and do many amazing things when we do it together.

We are Expert Virtual Assistants, or in other words, problem solvers. We understand your time is valuable and you are doing what you love to do, creating a successful business. We also understand that oftentimes you need an assistant, or sometimes a team.

Expert Virtual Assistant is a virtually based professional who works remotely to assist clients with day-to-day opportunities, and/or projects. We make sure your business runs smoothly and productively as possible.

Meet Lisa DeToffol

Lisa DeToffol is the face of Tiger Eye Solution. She started her business in July of 2018, after a career as a preschool teacher for over 25 years. She is married to Jeff, and they have 3 awesome children: Caleb (Abby)-29, Matthew-23, and Elisa-15. And will be a Grandmother in March of 2023.

Tiger Eye Solution supports Speakers, Coaches, and Solo-Professionals who are making an impact in the lives of their clients/customers. My team and I work remotely to provide support for our clients to help them be successful.

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CVE Certificate

Values for Tiger Eye Solution


We are 100% transparent. We keep you informed and up to date at all times. We believe that relationships are built on honesty and integrity.


We support you every step of the way, helping you to organize your business, understand your challenges and find you a solution. You are #1! Without you, we wouldn’t be in business.


We love to SMILE and that shines through in our personality and work. We treat all people with respect and dignity.


We are dedicated to our work. We strive for excellence in our work. We are focused and attentive to detail in all work that we do.

Services We Provide


• Social Media Management 

• Editing & Proofreading

• Content Creation/Blogging 

• Graphic Design

• Newsletters 

• Project Management  

• Lead Generation

• Email & Calendar Management

• Office Administration

• Client Follow Up

• Notes & Cards

• Client Concierge


• CRM Management  

• Website Design

• Website Maintenance  

• Quickbooks

• Bookkeeping

• Spreadsheets

• Video & Audio Editor

• SOPs

• Customer Service

• Research

• Podcast Management

You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself!

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