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Tiger Eye Solution

Helping your business find the right solution

Making Connections

Networking is all about making connections and building relationships. The more people you talk to about your business, the more clients you will find.

Does the thought of networking make you anxious? Many Virtual Assistants feel anxiety around the whole idea of networking. They say it feels salesy – attending events, shaking hands, making elevator pitches.

In fact, a lot of business owners simply avoid networking completely – and then wonder why they struggle to build their business. If you treat every networking opportunity like it’s speed dialing, you will grow to dislike it. And you will definitely have a tough time finding clients. You can’t expect to meet someone and sign them right away. You have to put in the time to build a relationship. When you incorporate a variety of networking tactics into your marketing plan, you make things easier on yourself.


I recently attended a local event and had the opportunity to meet many other business owners. I was asked by the founder of the event if I would mind repping a table for a business owner who could not make it to town for the event. I said sure! I have made many connections as a result of volunteering to help that day. It was an awesome place for me to be able to talk up my industry and possibly gain new business.

It is essential to network with other business owners. By being connected to other business owners you can benefit by being referral partners for each other. But be sure you are still going out and networking where your clients are if you want to find clients as well.


At a live event, there are multiple opportunities to introduce yourself to people. Certainly, as an attendee, you can work the room and introduce yourself to people. But I think this is why many business owners avoid events. They don’t like to work the room – even though you don’t have to! Finding 5 people at any event is more than enough. You can also find an opportunity. I did to work at a table. You will be able to speak with everyone that comes to the table – about the sponsor, yes, but they will also ask what you do.


The bottom line with networking is that the more people you connect with, the more clients you will have. When you are consistently reaching out to people, whether in person, online, your audience grows. And your connections grow. Try to reach 2 to 3 people a day. That’s 60 every month – you should (easily) get 1 to 2 clients each month when you are doing a little bit each day to connect with them. Networking shouldn’t be a ‘one and done’ thing. Attending an event once a month that does or doesn’t yield leads or clients is not enough. Make it easier on yourself and others by simply breaking it up and doing a little bit every day.


It’s not a sales pitch. No one likes that. Get comfortable with asking questions about someone’s else’s business. Make conversation. You will not only learn a lot about others, but you will build trust and that’ what helps you get great clients easily. Talk more about the other person than you do yourself. If they ask you about your business, make sure it always comes back to them – how you can help them. It’s not about selling you – it’s about seeing if you can help them. I go to local events to make connections, even if my target audience is not there. NEWSFLASH: You should be too!!


The more conversations you have, the better you become at them. The more visible you are in any audience, the more people will recognize you and reach out to you. Business owners are as nervous as you are when it comes to getting support. Building trust is important, and it comes from repeated connections. Get yourself visible and start to enjoy connecting with people. Your business will thank you!