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Tiger Eye Solution

Helping your business find the right solution

Lessons Learned From Copywriting for Solopreneurs

One person, business owners, or are fascinating clients to work with. They are dedicated, they are passionate, they are exceptionally good at their area of expertise, and they are also open to getting help in other key areas and generally, willing to invest in it.

Be The Expert They Are Hiring You To Be

Solopreneurs are often insightful about where their strengths lie and where they don’t. And when they know they need expert help, they are often willing to make that investment. So, as the copywriter, you need to remember that they are hiring you to be the copywriter expert. They are not looking for you to defer to them and they are not going to lead the discussion or the project they need you to do that for them. They have hired a copywriting expert, and they want and need you to step in with the full magnitude of your expert advice and insight.

Offer Ideas

In a similar vein, some may only have a small idea of what’s possible in their marketing. They have seen what other people are doing and they are planning on doing the same. A copywriter has the benefit of having worked with all kinds of different businesses and can, and should, bring that insight to the table. When you have ideas about your solopreneur client’s project, don’t hold back.

Make connections

One of the great things about writing for an entrepreneur is that it’s really clear who all of the messaging is coming from. That is, instead of getting emails from giant corporation subscribers and followers, you are getting messages from one specific person. Even though it is a one-to-many relationship, it can feel for the subscribers and followers like a one-to-one relationship. As a copywriter, this means you have a special opportunity to write copy that really creates a genuine, heartfelt connection between your client and the people that follow them.

Get At The Pain And The Joy

Many solopreneurs have gone into business because they are passionate about what they do and they want to make a difference in their client’s/customers lives. And with life change comes some major emotions. As a copywriter, it’s your job to help your client’s target audience understand the pain of not changing (hit the pain points) and the potential joys of changing (the benefits)

You Can’t Guarantee Anything

It’s not often, but every once in a while a solopreneur will ask a copywriter to guarantee their results. But the problem is that your copy is just one small part of their marketing engine. So even if you write the most amazing sales pages anyone has seen, you can’t be sure they are targeting the right audience, sending enough traffic, providing the right features in the product, ect. Copywriters can’t’ guarantee the results and should feel perfectly comfortable saying that. For example, you could say, “I can’t’ guarantee results because there are too many other elements for your marketing program that I can’t control. However, I will make edits to your copy until you are thrilled with it.” That is both fair and reasonable.