Tiger Eye Solution



Let’s pull together all the ideas of assets for your Business.

Think about these questions:

  • Do you own a microwave?
  • Do you own a food processor?
  • Do you own a dishwasher?
  • Do you hire someone to mow your lawn?
  • Do you hire someone to clean your house?

While none of these are as important as running water, clothes, a refrigerator, and food, they are items we’d rather not live without!

  • Microwaves prepare food in a literal instant!
  • Food processors make the whole cooking process easier.
  • Dishwashers…well, do I really need to explain?
  • Mowing and house cleaning are the same!

The idea is that while you can use a stove, knife, wash dishes by hand, mow your grass, and clean your house, yourself, you probably have other things, you would rather do with your time. Time has quickly become our most valuable resource, even surpassing finances. You can make more money; you cannot get back precious time.


Now apply this to your business:

  • Do you really want to do your own research, maintain your own CRM process, or any other of a million repetitive tasks which can easily be taught to someone else?

What is gained by you spending your time and talent doing these things rather than someone you can teach/hire to do it?


How about tasks you do not enjoy doing at all; tasks that suck the life right out of you? Why are you doing those tasks?

Your time and talent are needed in other areas of your business. Where you spend your time and talent determines whether you make money or lose money. If you continue to do your own research, maintain your CRM, and all the other repetitive tasks needed to keep your business running, you are losing money. You are the business owner; if you are not doing things to make money to move your business forward you are losing money!

Do not be afraid to spend money to save time. If you use that time to do the things that only you can do for your business, you will benefit. You are the only person who can do what you do; you can’t hire another you!

You can hire experts to assist you! Contact me today to find out if hiring a virtual expert makes sense to you and your business!