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Tiger Eye Solution

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How To Choose the Best Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Are you an Entrepreneur that is ready to delegate repetitive, time-consuming tasks to someone else that should be doing them? Then it is time to hire a Virtual Assistant. Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant for your business can be exciting and scary, but certainly the best decision you will make for your business. But how do I go about it?



Hiring the best virtual assistant starts with your needs. What do you need help with in your business? Take inventory of every task and responsibility. You can start by taking notes on tasks you do not want to do. Do this everyday Monday-Friday. Also, consider repetitive monthly task and make a note of them too.


Determine how much you can spend a month for a virtual assistant. Start with what you can afford to outsource each month. Then ask yourself how much time it takes you to accomplish the tasks you need to outsource. If you are uncertain, plan for 10 hours per month.

By delegating your work, you are leveraging your time and talents to do what you love to do. And hiring a virtual assistant gives you the time you need to focus on your vision and grow your business. As your business grows, your need to delegate more work to your virtual assistant will grow as well. They will gladly accept more hours and responsibilities to help you remain focused.

Hiring a virtual assistant gives you the time you need to focus on your vision and generate more revenue.


Now it’s time to do the research. Peruse websites (LinkedIn profiles and other social media platforms, too) to gather as much information about virtual assistants as possible. Even if a colleague highly recommends a virtual assistant, thank them for the recommendation, but do your own homework.

  • Do they have a website? Is it professional and up to date?
  • Search for reviews and endorsements
  • If they have a Portfolio Page, view examples of their work
  • Look over their Services Page

Make sure the virtual assistant you’re researching is a good fit for the type of work you need to outsource. And if you don’t see services for tasks you need to delegate on a website, don’t fret! Just ask. If they can’t do it for you, they know a fellow virtual assistant who can. Virtual assistants are great networkers.


Schedule a time to speak with the virtual assistant you are considering. Then, compile a list of questions to get the most out of your call. Be prepared to tell the virtual assistant about the tasks you want to delegate to them.

After the call, take a few minutes to assess the conversation.

  • Was there good communication between the virtual assistant and you?
  • Did they provide a solution to your problem(s)?
  • Do you sense the possibility of a great working relationship with this virtual assistant?
  • Are they enthusiastic?
  • Is this virtual assistant truly interested in your success?


Taking the time to inventory your tasks and responsibilities, determine a budget, and research virtual assistants will create a solid game plan to follow. And following these simple guidelines will help you choose the best virtual assistant for your business. The freedom to focus on those things you do best is within reach with a virtual assistant on your team. Now that’s leverage!