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Tiger Eye Solution

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3 Characteristics of a Sales Leader

A Great Sales Leader can be defined in 3 keywords: positivity, responsibility, and consistency.

Top performers in the sales industry know how to stay positive; they hold themselves responsible for their actions, and they understand the importance of consistency. These are easier said than done (especially in the highly competitive sales field), but improving on these 3 characteristics could pay big dividends down the road for your business.


Staying positive can be challenging. There isn’t a single salesperson who doesn’t have a tough day from time to time, but top performers tend to stay positive and upbeat regardless of the situation. The Harvard Business Review administered 1,000 surveys to some of the top salespeople in the world, and the results showed that less than 10% of the group said they frequently feel sad or discouraged. The best entrepreneurs are able to deal with rejection and move forward without letting bad news affect their optimism.


It’s incredibly important to be responsible with your time when you manage your own business. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to spend their time how they see fit, but that doesn’t mean they should shrink their responsibilities. The same Harvard Business Review survey also found that 85% of salespeople have a strong sense of duty and consider themselves to be responsible and reliable. Maintain your reputation by following through on your commitments and being there for a client in need.


Consistency touches on a few aspects of entrepreneurs. Maintaining a consistent approach in your sales presentations is a great way to perfect your sales pitch. Walk into every new presentation prepared to answer questions and objections. Build on each presentation and improve over time with a consistent approach. You’ll be an expert in no time!

You should also find consistency in your day-to-day schedule. Figure out what morning routine suits you. Set aside time each morning to clear your inbox and return your voicemails. Allocate enough time to complete your work, but also give yourself the opportunity to spend time with your friends and family. Go into every new day with a plan, and find a rhythm that works.

These are characteristics found inside every successful entrepreneur. The long road to success will have some speed bumps along the way, Stay positive, responsible and consistent each day and you’ll arrive at your destination before you realize it.