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As kids most of us read Dr. Seuss books and they will probably stand the test of time and last for generations to come.

Those of you who have read these books to your kids might have noticed the underlying messages in Dr. Seuss’s books. There are several about ethics, how we treat people, persistence, etc.

It’s pretty sneaky how he got all those in his simple little books.

Do You Like Green Eggs & Ham?

There’s a couple of underlying stories going on within this book. First, it’s about being open to new things and not discounting them because you “think” you don’t like them.

There’s one more lesson I think all of us need to learn…Especially Entrepreneurs!

How To Keep Asking for the Sale

How often do we ask for the sale and when someone says “no” we give up. Maybe we move on to the next person.

In this book the waiter ask no less than 20 times!

I know in today’s world that would be annoying but in the end, Sam gets his guest to try the eggs & ham and he loves it.

He’s persistent in asking for the sale. He’s not willing to give up.

In real life we need to ask for the sale WAY more than we usually do. I’m as guilty as the next person, but I’m always striving to be better. We never know when someone will be ready to buy.

You don’t have to be as annoying as Sam is in the book. Asking someone 20+ time in a five minute time frame is a bit much, but don’t think that someone saying that they are not interested right now is a reason to write them off and never keep in touch with them.

You have to nurture them for the long term.

We have to remember, people buy when THEY are ready to buy, not when we want them to. That doesn’t mean give up when they say “no”. It means “not right now” and we need to educate them to keep top of mind with them.

Like Sam, your job is to help others make a decision that is in their best interest.

If Sam had given up, his guest would have never tried the “Green Eggs & Ham” and never known he actually loved them.

Don’t give up, when you meet someone you know you can help, it’s your job to keep in touch and remind them that you are there for them. Don’t LET them forget about you.

Make sure there is no doubt in their mind that you are the right person for the job!

Don’t ever give up on asking for the sale and remember you might be giving someone and experience that will change their life for the better.

Thank you “Dr. Seuss” for a lesson that we all need.