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Project Management Platforms That I Use in My Business

As a busy entrepreneur with a growing team, my business has many different projects going on simultaneously My team and I need to be well organized in order to make it all work smoothly. That’s why I use only the best project management platforms to manage my virtual team. Project management plarforms are simply apps that manage business projects in one centralized place. Whether you use them solely for your own projects or collaborate with your team, you will likely find one you love here!

1- Trello – is what I refer to as a digital version of post-it notes. I love the colorful layout of using lists andcards to organize my projects. Once you create a card for aproject, you can plact attachments, checklists, due dates, and more inthe card and share it with your team. 

Trello integrates with many ohter apps I use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and Evernote. If you try Trello and love it as muchas i do, don’t be surprised if youdon’t start using it to organize yourpersonal life as well!

2- Google Workspace – who doesn’t love Google Workspace? It’s a cloud-based system that allows you to customize and organize your entire business on one platform.

Google Workspace is perfect forworking with virtual teams. You can create team drives and share Google Docs with each other. You and your team can collaborate with each other on Google docs and in your shared team drives. Google Workspace includes all the Googleapps, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. It integrates with many other systems, such as Apple mail, so it can easliy workwith different devices and systems. Google Workspace is the preferred platform for most people who do business online!

3- HoneyBook  is the perfect all-in-one plarform for small businesses. When I started using HoneyBook, I could combine multiple business functions into one centralized location – no more switchign back and forth to differetn apps or systems! 

When someone books a consultation call with me, it is through my HoneyBook scheduling link. HoneyBook has client intake forms and questionnaires for prospective clients, as well. It allows me to track my leads from the interest form through the consultation to the clients closing. I can send proposals, contracts, and invoicing on this amazing plarform! I no longer have to write out a contract, load the document into an online signature program or send invoices from another program! Using HoneyBook has saved me so much time and helps me run my busines moreefficiently.

HoneyBook integrates with Zoom, Google Claendar, Gmail, and Quickbooks. They even have a moblie app so you cna work from your phone while sitting in the carline when you pick your kids up from school!

Which Project Management Plarform Is Right For You?

It can be difficult to choose theright project management platform for your business with so many options availalbe. if you have trouble deciding, take a tour of their websites and make a note of all the things each one can do for yoru business. If a particular one  has a longer list of beneficial  features, you’ve likely found the one that is right for you. Some of them even have a free trial if you aren’t sure.

Which poject management platform sounds the most appealing to you for your business? Share on your Social Media! 


If you have any questions about these platforms or need help setting up or mantaining the plarform, let’s chat!