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Networking & Power Partners

Networking & Power Partners


What is the Top Priority you need to grow your business?

     Finding clients is always the #1 priority in growing your business. You can also utilize “Power Partners.”

     A Power Partner is someone who serves the same target market as you but offers a different service. For example, if you are a blogger for bussiness coaches, who would make a good power partner for you?

     Someone who builds websites for business coaches, someone who offers email management for business coaches, or someone who offers social medis advertising for business coaches, could be a good power partner for a blogger for coaches.

Make Sense Right? Someone who serves the same audience as you but in a different way.

     You may also want to consider making power partners with someone who offers the same service as you, but serves a different audience. To continue our example of the blogger for business coaches, this person may want to amke power partners wtih bloggers who work with nonprofit organizations or real estate agencies.

    Take the time to identify people who you may think would be a power partner who can help you grow your business. Start with a search with local and online networking groups you have joined or visited. You can also find power partners through social media groups. (Relationships Connections is one) After you identify who you would like to build a relationship with, reach out to them.

     Let them know you would like to learn more about what they do and how you both could support each other. As you develop the relationships, they may want to help you as well. Creating a relationship is the key to developing a strong partnership.

You know the phrase, “people do business with those they know, like and trust.” People also refer to people they know, like and trust.

Building your network with strategic power partners will help you grow your business. In return, you will be helping like-minded business owenrs do the same for their business.

Once you establish these relationships nuture them

Create a system that works for you and your business. So you can stay in touch with your partners on a regular basis. I use what I call “Stay in Touch Emails.” You coudl also use a combination of email, cards, and calls. The point is to keep your name top of mind, so when they here of someone that needs help with services you provide, they will refer the person to you.

The exciting part about building power partners is that you can also make friends along the way. They can start as coffee chats, which is a comfortable conversation with another business owner which can be valuable to both of you.