Tiger Eye Solution


Have you ever gotten a direct message with the wrong name?

It happened to me the other day – Julie instead of Lisa.

Obviously, the sender had copied and pasted the message from one person to another, forgetting to change the name.

Not all copy/paste messages are this obvious. However, you can probably spot them easily because of these RED FLAGS:

  • The name is wrong.
  • The message is canned and robotic, lacking in personal information.
  • It immediately launches into a pitch with no attempt to build a relationship.

Here are some tips for lead generation, done without being salesy.

Tip 1. Take time to research the prospect. Look at the LinkedIn or Facebook profile and find something worth noting. Then mention this detail in your note. This sets you up for the next action item.

Tip 2. Personalize your messages. The person reading your note is a PERSON, not a transaction. Express genuine interest or appreciation.

Tip 3. Seek to know how you can serve. There is a fine line between asking how to be of assistance and peddling your solution. Genuinely offer help – not by having the individual “buy” your service, but by providing your expertise and resources without thought of compensation.

For example, I typically reach out to new individuals and ask to connect because I may be able to refer business to them. Naturally, I need to know them first before I can make a referral, and this gives us a basis for scheduling an initial conversation

What red flags have you found that indicate the sender is treating you as a transaction?