Tiger Eye Solution

Meet Catherine


Catherine is a successful entrepreneur who has been running her social media management business since 2019. She joined the online world after her recovery from Lymes disease, which she contracted while working as a Zoo Keeper.

Catherine’s Query:

Initially, Catherine enjoyed doing emails for her business. However, as her business grew, she became overwhelmed with trying to create content and doing outreach on her client’s behalf. She quickly realized she didn’t have enough time in her day to accomplish everything, and her professional and personal life was suffering because of it. Catherine knew she needed a better way to serve her clients and build her business.

Enter The Specialist:

When Catherine reached out to me, she already had most of the content created, and deadlines in place for when the emails needed to be sent out. The system was mostly good, but meeting the deadline was the setback. She knew my specialty was building relationships with others and that was what she wanted in order to provide her clients the best experience possible.

The Magic Happens:

I was able to send out the emails in a timely fashion and prior to the deadline each month. Catherine felt a sense of relief, “It was nice to know that the email outreach services for my business were being taken care of and I didn’t have to make the time to do it.” Catherine was very happy with the results of my services and being able to put more time and energy into doing what she enjoys most in her business.

How Can I Help You:

In this day and age, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done. In order to stay top of mind, and in a place where potential clients can quickly and easily find you, and get the information about the services you provide, we must communicate with our target market. This is how we foster lifelong customer relationships. The challenge with entrepreneurs is keeping the mundane tasks you can delegate off your plate, so that you can do what you do best and help your business grow. This is where I come in. A consultation is free, so what do have to lose? Take one minute now to schedule a call and see how Tiger Eye Solution can help you.