Tiger Eye Solution

Anita S. Bowyer

Meet Anita

Anita is a successful Mary Kay Consultant who has been a sales team leader at “Beautiful Blessings” since 2007. As a Mary Kay Independant Beauty Consultant, she helps women look their best by teaching them what products are best for their skin and lifestyle.

What I did:

I helped Anita get her business organized, taught her a few techniques to move her business forward. I met her in person to review where she was stuck in her business and showed her specific techniques that she could implement to help move her business forward.

What Anita Said:

“Lisa is very interested in what you do. She finds a way to connect and relate then forms a plan that fits you, your needs and your clients needs. She even helped me learn to do things on my own that I didn’t think I could do. My business has grown faster in the last year than in the 15 years previous. Thanks Lisa.”

Anita S. Bowyer

Founder and Director, Beautiful Blessings Team


How Can I Help You:

In this day and age, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done or maybe you need some intructions on the bet way to move your business forward. In order to stay top of mind, and in a place where potential clents can quickly and easliyt find you, and benifit from what you have to offer, we must be clear on what we do and how we communicate with out target market. This is a couple ways you can foster life long relationships. A consultation is FREE, so what do you have to lose? Take a minute now to schedule a call and see how Tiger Eye Solution can help you.