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Managing Your Business

I would bet that when you started your business, you had no idea how much time it would take to manage, maintain, and grow. Very few people go into business ownership understanding just how many hats they will have to wear.

I encourage you to give yourself the gift of accepting that you cannot do it all, at least not well.

And I know this because believe me, I tried. When I started my business, I initially had a strong case of the DIY mentality. You know – when you’re juggling the marketing, the bookkeeping, the sales – and sometimes even the logo and website design. We make a valiant effort to learn as much as we need to so we can get by and get it done. We search the internet for blogs, videos, webinars, and freebies that cumulatively give us what we think is enough information to do things ourselves, for free.

But is it free, really?

Let’s just look at this example:

You charge $100 an hour to wield your expert magic, whatever that may be. If you spend 30 hours a week doing what you do best, you would make $3000 a week, or roughly $150,000 a year. That’s a lot of magic.

But if you spend 15 of those hours doing all of the administrative tasks that you either loathe or are not experienced in, you will only make half of that. Or worse, you will work twice as many hours to get it done, which will put you on the speedway to burnout.

Let’s be optimistic and estimate that it will take you twice as much time as someone you could hire who likes those tasks and is really good at them. For kicks, let’s calculate that you will pay them $60 an hour. So 7.5 hours of their time will cost $450.

Instead of making $1500 a week and doing all the things yourself, you can make $2550 a week, work a reasonable amount of hours doing what you’re passionate about, and still get everything else done because you’ve delegated those tasks to someone else.

Can I get a “win-win” here, people! You have made it into the Clean Plate Club. We use this term in our house when you finish a meal, but it’s also the title you can earn when you successfully delegate the tasks in your business that are slowing you down.

Here are some tasks you can outsourse:

• bookkeeping

• messaging

• social media

• copywriting

• graphic design

• project management

• administrative support

I know it can be a little scary to take the leap and hire someone, but once you do you’ll see your business expand.

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