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How Long Should I Follow-Up With Someone?


I get ask this all the time: “How long should I follow-up with someone?” The Short answer is until you get a “yes” or “no”. But here is a better explanation and details about it.

People tell me: “I’m leaving voicemail messages, sending emails, sending tests messages and I never hear back.” Well, the reason you are not hearing back is that you are leaving boring messages-like saying “call me back”. You have to leave a message that provides value to the person, information that will help them, to motivate them to call you back.

You want to remind them of what your initial conversation was. So, if they were interested in your product or service, you want to remind them and say something like: “When we first met, you expressed interest in learning more about X, Y, Z; and I’m just curious if that’s still the case for you? And if not, no problem, please give me a heads up. I don’t want to waste your time or mine – we are both very busy. So, please let me know and I’ll take you off my list.

That way you’ll get a response. Most of the time, people will feel guilty that they avoided you; and they might be interested but other things might have gotten in the way. So remember, people have different priorities than you. It’s your business so you are constantly thinking about it, but for them, it is just one other thing on their plate and it might not be at the top of their list for that week or even month.

So just ask the question: “Are you still interested in learning more about X,Y,Z?” just checking back in. Always ask for permission, always find out what they are thinking, and that way you won’t keep going and calling them and emailing them and wasting your time. They might just have other things on their plate that are taking priority, but if they really are not interested, then hopefully they will let you know. And if you leave a message like that and you don’t hear back, then move on. But leave a testimony, leave a story of someone who had results with what they are dealing with. Make it relevant. Always provide value on your message, don’t leave boring message, and you will be more likely to get a return phone call.