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Do You Outsource to Virtual Assistants?


Imagine this is your day…You have a full calendar with serveral meetings, you have several projects on your desk that you need to get working on, and you need to get your graphics done for your social media postings. Not to mention the love you need to give your blog!


Time to Outsource!

Maybe it is time to outsource some of that work to virtual asisstants that specialize in those areas. You can find a VA that specialize in :

  • Social Media Setup and/or Management,
  • Graphic Designing, 
  • Email & Calendar Management, 
  • File Management, 
  • Building Databases, 
  • Management Membership Sites, 
  • Managing Your Blog, 
  • And many more specialties.

So there is no reason to keep doing it all by yourslef. If there is something that you are overwhelmed with and not that excited about, why not outsource it to a VA that specializes and enjoys doing that task? And remember, you can have more than one VA!


You can also find General VAs that will claim to do it all. Yes, they probably can do a little of this and that, but do they specialize in it all?


Get Your Time Back!

When deciding what to outsource to a VA, make a list with four colums as follows:

  • Things I don’t know how to do, 
  • Things I hate to do, 
  • Things I don’t have time to do, and
  • Things only I can do

Then, during your day, filling in the columns with the tasks as they come up, or with the tasks on your desk. 

The first 3 columns can be outsourced to a VA easily. The last column will be reserved for your time to ROCK as only you can!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to outsource? Do you have questions about what outsourcing will look like in your business? I’d love to chat with you. Contact Tiger Eye Solution to find out how we can help you with your business needs.