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Businesses Face New Challenges as They Start to Reopen


As businesses are reopening, they are finding new challenges to the way they operate.

It’s not just a question of how to make money anymore. Now businesses are focusing on how to keep people safe as well.

Most businesses have found that providing a lot of hand sanitizer is helpful to put people as ease as they start to shop and go out more.

A few business owners think people will be very apprehensive to just rushing back out again to shop. According to a pole done in SC, 60% of small businesses who were asked said they are concerned customers will not yet be ready to return to a normal life. Small businesses also fear reopening will cost them more in the long run. Many small businesses say it will cost them more to start fully operating with a limited capacity because they will not be able to allow as many people inside the store/business.

One solution small businesses can consider is start offering curbside services. Assess your products or services and see what you can sell with little to no contact. And keep your online store active while you phase in in-person sales to ensure there is no drop in customer service. Another option is ask your customers to pay a surcharge for COVID-19 supplies. Some businesses may need to purchase additional safety supplies in order to reopen. Therefore, a increase in pricing may be needed to help cover the extra fees the company has to pay to keep the business clean and safe. If you do choose to share the costs with your customers, make sure to be transparent about why your prices have gone up.

It is better to be proactive about outlining the steps you are taking to keep everyone safe.