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Better Client Communications

Solid communication with clients is one of the keys to a successful, long-term working relationship. When communications are strained, everything feels difficult.

Here are some client communication tricks:

  • Email Writing. Easy  write down your thoughts and send, right? Not so fast. It’s important to think about the reader. Questions to consider: Will they understand the language you’re using or is it filled with jargon? Have you reread any instructions to make sure you didn’t miss a step? Are the paragraphs in the order that will make the most sense to the reader? Is the tone right – are you being friendly, polite, concise?
  • Email Reading. Here’s the trick I use: When I read an email, I read it with the nicest possible voice I have in my head. I know that sometimes clients forget to say please or thank you. And sometimes things can be confusing – so I read the email a couple of times before I go back with questions. I give the sender the benefit of the doubt when I reply.
  • Talking Shop. As a professional, even when you’re just starting out, you’re most likely more of an expert in the service or product that you offer than are your client. So you’ll need to speak in language that will make sense to them. Be thoughtful and explain what you mean in a way they can uderstand.
  • Knowing Your Policies or Preferences. Sometimes clients email me at night or on the weekends. Sometimes they send me things to do while I’m on vacation. That’s okay – they’re working, even if I am not at that moment. So instead of getting upset about the emails (and thinking they do’t value my downtime), I smile knowing that work is coming my way even when I’m not at my desk!

How about you? What are your best tips for managing clients?

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