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Tiger Eye Solution

Helping your business find the right solution

Awesome Working Relationships

How do you go about creating the most awesome environment you can imagine?

Start by being calm, and have confidence in yourself. This requires a little daily effort on your part. Take some time each morning to get quiet with yourself before you start on your to-do list. It is the number one, most important thing you can begin to do in order to change your life and circumstances in the way that you want. In this time of quiet, begin to open your heart to love for yourself and everyone else.

Remember, a flourishing career requires forming¬† lasting relationships with other professionals. Calm, self-confidence is the first step in relating well to others. Confidence comes from that place of authentic happiness within you. You must first feel love for the most important person in your life…YOU! You must feel the kind of love that allows you to acknowledge and enjoy your talents, abilities, and skills.

I am not talking about conceit or narcissism, which are not love-based at all. Truly loving yourself come from a deep, initernal well of joy. It requires loving thoughts, words, and actions on your part as you move through your day. It gives you the ability to create what you desire and step away from fears. Fear is the underlying cause to any negativity that may be persisting as you work to create what you want. This self confidence also permits you to see the talents and positive traits of others. You’ll have the strength and insight to know how to respond., instead of reacting, to a situation that may feel challenging to you.

The quickest way to gain self-confidence at work is to keep agreements with others, as well as promises you make to yourself. Make it part of your job to feel great every day, be grateful, and honor yourself by following these 5 important steps.:

1- Focus on your Goals. This is the key to your success!

Get laser focused on what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals. Don’t get sidetracked form your work’s purpose. Stick to the list of actions you must take to make it happen. If you’re busy and focused, you will create a positive space for yourself, and you are simply not available for anything else. Of course, this requires you to politely let others know that you have deadlines to meet, even if they are self-imposed. Let them know that you are only available for productive activities and discussions that help you reach your goals.

2- Have Fun While Reaching Your goals

When others see that you are truly yourself, doing what you’re paid to do, you set a good example. You will generate more positive energy in your work environment and the ripple effect is set into motion. Others will feel it radiate from you, even if you are working virtually or by phone. Energy has no boundaries, so know that your attitude and actions are inspiring others to follow suit.

3- Be Professional, Be Nice to Everyone, and Adopt a New Motto

Be friendly and keep a professional attitude with everyone, not only those who can help you get what you want. This means saying “No” to gossip and drama! Take team building to a new level by adopting a new personal motto and sticking to it. Remember that you create everything based on how you feel, and words are very powerful. Words amplify the feelings attached to them, and this amplified energy crates even more of what you are speaking about. So, stay positive and focused only on what you want to create. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Let others know that your new resolution is to never diminish a person while speaking about them to another person, but to build them up by sharing qualities that you truly enjoy in them. (Or simply, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated!”) This is one of the fastest ways to turn a conversation around. It binds a more trusting and loyal work environment as well.

Go out of your way to smile, genuinely compliment others, and make an effort to express gratitude to those who support you. No matter how you may be perceiving the situation in front of you, there is always something good to talk about. Diplomatically choose positive words and phrases. Just mention something you are grateful for that day: a project you finished, or something nice that someone did for you. In spite of our current situation, there is always a silver lining to be discovered. If you can’t find something nice to say, simply stay silent and don’t join in. Redirecting to positive conversation may feel awkward at first. But, when you practice this consistently, you’ll see new outcomes. Then, notice how good you feel, and others will feel it too!

4- Stay Neutral, Don’t Take Sides

Even though you may feel one side or the other is “more right” don’t go there. Others should feel comfortable approaching you when it relates to your job. If you openly favor one person’s opinion over another, it will likely affect your ability to do your job. Allow others to take care of their problems and expect the same courtesy from them. The most important thing you can do is own your power to create the outcome you desire. Take time to get calm and visualize what you desire, focus on it consistently while feeling lots of love for everyone and everything involved in the situation, and you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

If the issue is more complicated, and you feel it’s something of a more serious nature, suggest they seek the advice of an experienced Human Resource employee. They are skilled and trained to handle more difficult concerns.

5- Spend as Much Time as Possible with Positive People

Make a choice to surround yourself with people who support and appreciate you, laugh a lot, and have fun. When you do, you’ll find your personal love tank filling quickly and it will be so much easier to accomplish your real job everyday…to feel great!