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Acts of Kindness Your Customers Will Love


Want to improve your community and help your business at the same time? You can accomplish both of those things and more through random acts of kindness.

It might not seem like these simple acts should be at the top of your priority list. But being helpful and kind can really improve your reputation with customers. Here are a few acts of kindness your customers are sure to love.

Send Thank You Notes

When customers make especially big or recurring purchases, send them an unexpected note to thank them for their business.

Encourage Your Team to Give Compliments

Your team can also be a great resource for showing kindness to your customers. Encourage them to do the simple things like compliment your customers.

Compliment People Within Your Team

By that same token, your team might be more likely to pass along kindness if you are also kid to them. So be sure to share kind thoughts with them regularly.

Write Positive Reviews of Other Businesses

You can also show some kindness to other businesses in your community by leaving positive reviews for other businesses that you are patronized. This can help you create strong connections and even help your reputation.

Post an Inspirational Quote Each Day

A simple quote or positive thought can also go a long way toward creating a kind and positive atmosphere for your customers.

Follow Up After Purchases

After a customer makes a purchase, check in with them on the phone or via email just to ask about their experience and make sure they are happy with their purchase.

Remember Customer Names

When talking with repeat customers, remembering their names can make a huge difference. Go out of your way to greet everyone personally whenever possible.

Suggest Products/Services from Other Businesses

You can also improve customer’s experiences even more by providing more than just your own products or services. If you get to know your customers and what they need, you can suggest products or services from other businesses just to be helpful.

Give Unexpected Gifts to Team Members Who Provide Great Service

If you want to improve kindness among your customer-facing team members, you can incentivize great service by periodically giving unexpected gifts to those who go the extra mile.

Write Nice Blog Comments

If you read or follow any blogs in your industry, you can spread some kindness by sharing nice, positive comments.

Host Special Events on Holidays

You can show your appreciation to a wide variety of customers by hosting just-for-fun events on some holidays. Be sure to include freebies and fun activities.

Make Helpful Introductions for Clients

Especially for B2B businesses, you can potentially help your clients out a lot by offering to make introductions to others you know within their particular niche or industry.

Send Regular Compliments to customers on Social Media

If you don’t have the resources to send actual gifts to people, you can still spread kindness on social media by simply complimenting your customers when they share helpful or interesting posts.