Tiger Eye Solution

Lisa with Book of VAs

Add your story to the book of Virtual Assistants!

The process will begin in October, 2021, and sign-ups for Author spots are now available.
Book of VAs

This 6-month process will include:

  • A writing coach
  • Editing of the book
  • Monthly or bi-monthly Zoom coaching calls
  • Cover design
  • 35 print books to sell, keep or give away
  • Plus more!

Each Author will answer a list of compiled questions for their chapter, a completed  bio about themselves will be needed and, a photo.

The total cost is $1500, or you can make payments of $275 a month for 6 months.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Email me at lisa@tigereyesolution.com.
Thank you so much!

About Lisa DeToffol

Lisa is a Certified Virtual Expert®.  Her focus is on helping Entrepreneurs build long-lasting relationships with their prospects and clients. I understand your time is valuable and better spent on your area of expertise, which is where I can help.

In this “new normal” things are transitioning to a virtual format, networking and building relationships have become more difficult and time-consuming. By delegating your follow up/relationship building tasks to me you will have more time to grow and enjoy your business.